Problem Details
"We the so called essential employees of Ansa Mc Al ....
"We the so called essential employees of Ansa mc al selling beverages, bleach and pampers have our sales vehicles (teams) going out in the trade each day and dealing with a lot of customers and then returning to the office to balance off where we have to interact with them and reload the trucks putting everyone at risk, this is clearly a humanity crime. Some of these staff are also taking public transportation to and from work making it more dangerous for everyone.
I think if there’s a lock down it should be a total lockdown and not just partially."

Possible Solution: Government agencies should identify and supply good to the lesser fortunate then have a lockdown for at least three weeks. Pharmacies are required to continue operating and supermarkets should be mandated to offer only food items for sale and can be operated on an over the counter basis to ovoid contact. Security forces should have food hampers available should the miss anyone who deserve same and person can visit the department and collect. The security agencies need to find a way to track who is already issued with hampers.
Social Distancing
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