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One of the biggest problems i face is working from home....
One of the biggest problems i face is working from home. It is very difficult for me to carry out my work related tasks from home due to the poor internet service in my area. I am currently with Atlantic Wireless (AWN) and a good portion of the households in my community always use their services. There service was subpar before the pandemic and now that more persons are home it's even worse. I can't even load webpages to do anything, its as though i don't have an internet connection at all. The sad part about it is, a wireless provider is our only option, as GTT does not have phone lines yet in our area so no DSL or even BLAZE.

Problem Solution: One solution i can think of is for GTT (the ISP that has market monopoly and better services than any other ISP in guyana) to speed up their phone line process so that people in my area can utilize it. I've been living here for about 2 years with no progress.
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