Problem Details
1.The little money that you have to buy things to eat...
"1.The little money that you have to buy things to eat, you can't do nothing much because most of everyone double their prices on something that is essential to life (food)
2.Business have slowed up all over, if you get 1 sale a week count yourself lucky, if business slowed up basically means you can't pay your bills( taking off VAT and giving a few days to pay the Bill's can't work) the internet is essential at a time like this to keep you updated with the news around the world. I use GPL prepaid credit what will happen if I don't pick up a sale, me and my 3 year old child will have to sleep in the dark.
3.For us to beat the Covid 19 we need a complete lockdown cause 6pm-6am can't kick it at all"

Possible Solution:
"1. GTT /GPL should allow their customers 1-2 months no pay Bill's. (They have persons that were laid off and not getting their full pay during this time)
2. 24 hrs lockdown instead of 6-6 am this makes no sense.
3.Inform these shop keepers to be your brother's keeper, they cannot raise the price how can we beat this if everyone is not in this fight with us 100% they only looking to gain more."
Food Supply
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